Our mission

Farm to School Quebec is a program, committed to the education and promotion of agricultural, food and environmental sciences in schools, farms and municipalities across Quebec. The organization has developed an expertise in popularizing scientific concepts to make them more accessible to a youth audience. Farm to School provides a variety of sustainable and local agricultural resources while educating young people about the impact they have in their environment.

Long story short

Farm to School Québec was founded in January 2013, as a student initiative at McGill University’s Macdonald Campus (Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences). In its first year, we provided educational activities in local schools, impacting 350 youth. In 2014, the first summer camp welcomed 45 young attendees over two weeks and in addition offered a tailored program for special needs children. Throughout 2015 and 2016, we grew to provide six weeks of summer camp, initiatives in local municipalities and many more in-school activities. On the 18th of December 2016, Farm to School Québec officially became a registered nonprofit organization. Today, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec, we are working to expand our services throughout Quebec and further afield.

Our values

Passion: Our driving force, and what bonds our dynamic team of young agriculturalists, environmentalists and educators.

Rigor: Our continuous cycle of innovation and improvement ensures we are delivering quality services, relevant to our partners.

Place-based education: A focused approach to providing initiatives adapted to your community

Accessibility: Come as you are – we work to benefit as many as possible and offer free initial consultations.

Sustainability: Our approach values human development, the respect of one’s environment and ensuring an initiative’s longevity.

Fun, scientific and bilingual

Meet our team

Farm to School Québec wouldn’t be alive without these amazing individuals

Valérie Toupin-Dubé

Valérie Toupin-Dubé

Presidente Co-founder

A dynamo, known by many as “Mother Nature”, her favorite vegetable? The tomato! She is an Agronomist that loves to share her passion for our agricultural heritage with young people.

Dr. Caroline Begg

Dr. Caroline Begg

Vice-presidente, Co-Founder

Worked in agriculture in Tanzania, the Philippines, and in the Laurentians, loves teaching agriculture at McGill and is happiest in the garden
Mathieu Rouleau

Mathieu Rouleau


Farmer’s son, works in Agricultural financing, youth enthusiast, loves to travel and try new foods.
Valérie Champagne

Valérie Champagne

Logistics coordinator

Student of Food Safety and Food Science. Loves nature and the outdoors.
Daniel LaSalle Sutherland

Daniel LaSalle Sutherland

Business Developer

Farmer, explorer and intrepid foodie.   

You are just as likely to find him milking a cow, as reading the Financial Times.

Simon Brault

Simon Brault

Content developer

He loves getting his hands dirty and always has a project on the go!
Joëlle Lefebvre-Ouellet

Joëlle Lefebvre-Ouellet


This little hummingbird is an adventurer, a gourmet and is passionate about the outdoors. Through approachable science, she wants to be a catalyst for change so that everyone lives in a better world.
Lorelei Muller

Lorelei Muller

Governance Consultant

Two decades serving youth through non-profit organizations.  Gardener and watercolour artist who loves to combine the two to create floral paintings.  
Philippe Aubin-Steben

Philippe Aubin-Steben

Technical Help

Aspiring farmer, lover of nature and life’s little pleasures. He strives to positively impact those around him and better his surroundings.

Ociane Canadas

Ociane Canadas

Camp Coordinator

Studies life sciences and is always curious. Animal lover. On an average day you’re likely to find her knitting while reading about sheep.

Our Partners

To those who have supported us, we wish to say thank you!



Collaborating Organizations


Collaborating Individuals and Farms

Laure Waridel, co-founder of Équiterre and strategic consultant for the CIRODD
Martin Lamoureux, teacher at Collège Lionel Groulx
Sylvie D’Amours, MP
Hélène Laurendeau, Nutritionist
Denise Proulx, Associate researcher for Centr’ERE-UQAM, agricultural specialist, lecturer at ISE-UQAM
Trudie Resch and Claude Bergeron, Brome et Co.

Collaborating Schools

École Secondaire Oka
École Secondaire Arthur-Pigeon

Farm to School Québec: Empowering agricultural, environmental and nutritional youth literacy