With a complementary philosophy, we have a greater impact! Together, we can link initiatives in Quebec to Canadian organizations and bring you closer to your agricultural vision!

What is the best moment to showcase your delectable agricultural initiative?

In October and in March

October: Farm to School month powered by “From Farm to Cafeteria Canada”

March: Nutrition Month and Canadian Agriculture Awareness Month powered by “Agriculture in the classroom”.

When participating during these months, what do you do?

During the month of October and the month of March, here is what you can do in connection with the agricultural vision:

  1. Visit a farm in Quebec  
  2. Teach about agriculture and the environment (Do an EOC modules)
  3. Develop an agro-environmental and food project

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How to participate


To participate: email us at

  • A description of what you did (500 words) about either number 1, 2, and/or 3 from above
  • A small 20MB video of one of your students that says: name, school name, and who says, “Here’s how we , , made École-O-Champ  …
  • How do you value your environment (reduction of food waste, and valorisation of by-products, reuse of material in new equipment, etc.)?
  • Three (3)  photos of your students in action
  • Authorization to disseminate photos and video by Ecole-O-Champ
  • The names of the farms and farmers with whom you have been involved
  • Two quotations (minimum) from students related to their learning
  • Ends May 31st  of each year at midnight


By working with these partners, you will have the chance to win an agricultural prize package that will help you with your initiative, but above all you will make an impact in your community and contribute to a better agri-food system!

Farm to School Québec: Empowering agricultural, environmental and nutritional youth literacy