Collaborating with Farm to School / École-O-Champ

École-O-Champ Québec & your farm

As a farmer, have you ever wondered how your farm can play a role in educating the public about agriculture?  Have you ever thought about agro-tourism as a way to diversify your income?

EOC can collaborate with you to develop a personalized activity, an event or even a day camp focused on your needs and adapted to your farm.

Benefits to you and your farm:

  • Promote local agriculture
  • Improving the public’s awareness of agricultural practices
  • An extra source of income – agricultural education can make business sense too!
  • Showcase your farm and strengthen community ties
  • Keep things simple: An EOC activity can be integrated into your farm operations without increasing your workload.
  • Have fun too!

Impact on your community and on young people:

  • Enhancing agro-environmental knowledge
  • Valuing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Bringing the community closer to its local agriculture
  • To have an adventure
  • To reconnect to their rural roots



  • Expectations
  • Your farm
  • Your local community
  • Who will animate your event/activity
  • Resources available


We work with you to create a personalized activity, an event or even a day camp tailored to your needs.


We provide a training workshop (including materials and tools) adapted to those involved in delivering the event/activity.


We don’t leave you on your own! We are there to help and guide you on your ag-adventure.

Host a camp - FAQ

Starting and running an event/activity

What kind of farms are eligible for the program?

Any farm that is willing to open their doors is eligible.

Who would want to come to my farm?

Youth from summer camps, school and community organizations for field trips, families, individuals interested in visiting a farm, etc.

Who delivers the EOC activities (the instructors)?

Individuals who have received the EOC training.

Who can receive EOC training?

It can be you, an employee, a family member – just remember that the person receiving the EOC training will be the one delivering it!

When can I take EOC training?

At your convenience

Can EOC help me find instructors?

Yes, we offer this service, please contact us for further information.

Do I have to pay the instructors?

You are responsible for arranging the work terms with your instructors.

Who takes care of registrations for an event/activity?

EOC can take care of registrations.

Do I need to provide food?

It depends if you have a certified kitchen. A kitchen that has been certified by the Ministère de l’agricultulture des pêcheries et de l’alimentation (MAPAQ) for its intended use.

What are the liability insurance requirements?

For farms that are open to the public for agro-touristic activities:

Inform your insurance provider that you will be hosting an activity for the given dates and times.

For farms that are not open to the public for agro-touristic activities:

Buy liability insurance for the appropriate dates and times and number of visitors. Please note: if you do not have a certified kitchen and are thinking of providing food, you must discuss with your insurance provider.

Is there funding and other support to start agro-tourism?

Please ask Agri Conseil for agro-touristic advising and grants. EOC has agronomes as part of its team.

Can an EOC representative help me plan on how I can use my farm for an event/activity?

Yes, an EOC representative can come for a consultation to help you use your farm effectively!

Do I need to provide all of the materials for the event/activity?

Yes. The educational documents that you will receive from EOC training will outline the materials needed.

Will I get reimbursed?

No, these costs will be covered from the fees you charge.

Can I restrict certain areas on the farm?

Yes, it is your responsibility as a farm to insure visitor safety.

Can I allow participants to use my house or barn bathroom?

Yes, although you may want to consider renting a portable toilet for large groups.

How much does it cost?

EOC  is a nonprofit organization and is committed to offering reasonable rates. Costs vary depending on your chosen EOC activities. That’s why during the initial consultation, we discuss the resources available to you and how they fit with the requirements of the EOC activities.

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