Collaborating with Farm to School / École-O-Champ


École-O-Champ Québec & you

In your municipality what do your youth do in the summer? Why not start engaging your local young people to be responsible citizens while having fun.

EOC can collaborate with you to develop a tailor-made camp, a new theme for an existing camp or offer services focused on your community needs.

Benefits to your organization/municipality:

  • Create a dynamic and fun camp atmosphere
  • Improving healthy lifestyles in your community by promoting food education
  • Promoting your local agriculture and/or farmers markets
  • Keep things simple: An EOC theme can be integrated into your existing summer camps, without increasing your workload.
  • You don’t have a summer camp? EOC can help you create your own.

Impact on young citizens:

  • Enhancing agri-food and environmental knowledge
  • Valuing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Developing maturity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Mindful citizenry
  • Critical thinking




  • Expectations
  • Your municipality and/or camp
  • Your local community
  • Resources available


We work with you to create a camp, a theme or services tailored to your needs.


We can provide a training workshop (including materials and tools) adapted to your needs, if necessary.


We don’t leave you on your own! We are there to help and guide you through your summer.

Municipalities and Community Organizations FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Who delivers the EOC activities

Counsellors who have received EOC training, or EOC personnel.

Who can receive EOC training?

Eligible counsellors who will deliver EOC activities, or anyone who is interested.

What do I get with the EOC training?

Training on how to deliver educational activities and access to the required material.

When can I take EOC training?

At your convenience.

Does my community organization or municipality need to provide all of the materials for the modules?

Yes. The educational documents that you will receive from EOC training will outline the materials needed.

Can we publicize the EOC theme, activity or camp?

Yes, as long as the EOC logo is present.

What are the liability insurance requirements?

As a municipality or community organization, you should have all appropriate insurances.

How much does it cost?

EOC is a nonprofit organization and is committed to offering reasonable rates. Costs vary depending on your chosen EOC activities. That’s why during the initial consultation, we discuss the resources available to you and how they fit with the requirements of the EOC activities.

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